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Connie's has passed away.
 Constance (Connie) Wheeler Wesley - Class of '70
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We Remember...

 Posted By: Thomas "Tommy" Southard Date: April 6, 2011 
    I knew Connie mainly thru Dianne Watts and Lynn Jolly as they all hung around together in school. Connie always had a nice smile with those big bright eyes and she was well liked by all who knew her. Very friendly to me and others.

Her recent courage to come to our 40th reunion in 2010 even though she was not feeling well due to her sickness was inspirational. I talked with her at the meet and greet and the next day in her car outside the Marriott. I could tell she was in pain but doing the best she could. So glad I got to see her again and visit for awhile. She has not left us but just like a ship that goes over the horizon, we can't see her now but she has moved on to better things. God bless you friend.

Tom Southard

 Posted By: Margaret "Lynn" Jolly Watters Date: April 8, 2011 
    Connie, Dianne Watts and myself were best friends in high school. We had some great and crazy times together. Although we had lost touch, seeing her at the reunion brought all those memories rushing back in. I'm so glad she was able to come to the reunion. I know she was in a lot of pain, but in spite of that, she had a blast as we all did. I have a great pic of Dianne, me, my sister Barbara, Phyllis, Connie, and Debbie all together that I've saved it as my desktop pic. I'll remember her always, only relieved that she's no longer in pain. RIP Connie my friend.

LU, Lynn Jolly Watters

 Posted By: Jacalyn "Dianne" Watts Johnson Date: April 9, 2011 
    We were best "buds", Connie, Lynn and myself, in DHS. Those are memories we will keep with us forever.

Even though we did not keep in touch, like Lynn said above, seeing her at the reunion flooded in the memories. It was almost like we were never apart.

She will always be in my heart as will Lynn and my other close friends. Connie was blessed with a wonderful husband and family who lovingly cared for Connie through her illness. That truly is a BLESSING.

God Bless you, Connie, you will remain in our hearts forever!I know we will see each other again someday.


Dianne Watts Johnson

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